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  • garrylcox

New Poets Wednesday - The Convergence of the Anguished and the Paladins - by Brian Cardrant

Tires skid and come to a halt, When two servants enter the arena of pain. The desperate brother opens a barricaded door While he begs for help and directs them to the show. The paladins enter, with a hasty plan for the unknown To find the anguished, demanding the end to be served. The anguished has married a buck knife to his neck An arterial kiss that’s intended to bring him his death. “Shoot me!” he cries out, in epic desperation Surrounded by his family, children and all. With the paladins’ pleads, the desperation grows, Within all who are present, “why won’t he let go? With a cocaine induced rage, he saws at his neck As his children scream, and beg for an end. With bloodshot eyes and teeth clenched, a thought crosses his mind A menacing gaze precedes a charge, they’ll kill me this time. The laser dots placed and a loud pop fills the room His body locks up and he smacks ground. The paladins converge with the anguished on the floor. With steel cuffs the incident ends, but they’ll surely meet again

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