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Garry L. Cox offers his third poetry book with thoughtfulness, inspiration, and sincere love. Coffee with the Bard: 2020 Blues is a refreshing opportunity to share in this timeless experience of reading and writing poetry with those who mean the most to you. He believes writing is precursor to thought, not the other way around. The feeling part of life always precedes our efforts to explain it. So you write about feelings and see where that takes you. Poetry is an invitation to advance our thinking and deepen our feelings about the world we live in. It is a sharing of truths, your truth, my truth, the truth of our human existence. A good poem will celebrate these truths with a style and grace that exists in every tongue ever spoken on our planet.


For Garry Cox poetry is an attempt to tell his story in as memorable a fashion as possible. Building off his first book, The Waters of Appanoose County this new book, Beyond the Waters is influenced by music, theatre and new discoveries and that he eloquently writes in the poems. Readers will enjoy the honesty, sincerity, arresting imagery and compelling rhythms of Beyond the Waters. In addition, these poems aim to give readers a sense of wonderment and hope as each poem connects to the essence of the human experience.


A book of poetry written over many years and now presented to you as a combination of the author’s thoughts, ideas and passion. From the imaginings of a young boy, through to the poetry of a husband to his wife, forged over decades, Garry L. Cox provides us with tantalizing glimpses of his life and experiences.Intended to inspire and uplift you, The Waters of Appanoose County is a stunning collection which will allow you to become immersed in verses of love, friendship and life, while enjoying the poetry of a man gifted in speaking and imagery, who has honed his skills to perfection over a lifetime.Savor and enjoy these poems one at a time or in groups, or better still read them as Garry intended them to be read. One a day, every day.

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