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I Once Knew a Woman who Rocked my World - by Garry Cox

I once knew a lady who rocked my world Sent my confidence through the roof I was ten feet tall and bullet proof

Oh this lady she looked so fine Style and grace she did define

She smelled like coffee with a hint of pine Made me want to make her mine

Made me forget how to button my shirt Every time I thought about touching her skirt

She had a brain that was diamond sharp And a voice as pleasing as a harp

With a soul as deep as a wishing well My doubts and fears she could always quell

She was brave and she was kind Always ready to speak her mind

As honest as the day is long With trust and love the theme of her song

She looked to me like a work of art If we ever hooked up we’d never part

But that was then so what about now?

Now best friends through better and worse No expectations, nothing to rehearse

We share a love that doesn’t pinch or bind And a love of fun that’s hard to find

Now in smile my lips are curled Cause I still know a lady who rocks my world!

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