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New Poet's Wednesday-Send Me a Poem by Teresa Knudson

We will forgo the usual bio info. Suffice it to say, we have been after a poem share from Teresa for some time. A teacher and all-around supporter of performing arts, her skills and energy have launched many ships and probably careers as well. But we got her for at least one poem today. Help us encourage Teresa to share more. Da Bard

“Send me a poem! Just one!” Garry said He’s been asking so long, so I rise from my bed. I pour some hot coffee and sit with my pen And I think about things that inspire me. Then- My thoughts turn to courage. The life-changing kind That fills me with awe, and boggles my mind, Like living and learning and growing far past The age when most people are coming in last. Creating and thriving, contributing to The meaningful factors that feed me and you. Like whipping up laughter and stirring up fun, Or connecting with those whose “hope” race has been run. Like not showing judgment where it might be deserved. Instead, giving grace, that dignity be preserved. Uplifting with action, and not sitting still, And tutoring us, it’s a matter of will. That life, to the end, is just what you make it. That fulfillment is real and you don’t have to fake it. The bold person I speak of in this poem Is a dear friend of mine, and I’m thankful to know him.

So, Garry, I’ve done what I said I would do. I have written a poem and the poem is YOU.

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