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What I Did on My Covid-19 Vacation: Chapter 2

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Life in the Bunker-Mother’s Day

We are in the throes of the first great SD Pushback. Businesses, Mayors and Governors are all amending the safety features initially put in place to save the lives of our citizenry. Some sectors consider this a victory and some a defeat. They are both wrong. In a pandemic the only winners are those still living and the only losers are those who are dead or dying. And if that weren’t depressing enough, consider the two most powerful countries on the planet in a pissing contest as to who is to blame for the virus in the first place.

But I can’t be too glum in my bunker with a view. Today is Mother’s Day, the only holiday I actually support. Ok, Christmas but only because I have young grandchildren.

Thanksgiving is all about gluttony and football. Gluttony will kill you and believe it or not, there are millions of people in this country alone who do not park themselves in front of their TV’s to watch three back-to-back NFL games.

But I did have a mother whom I cherished and I don’t mind a bit joining all of you who also cherish your mothers. It’s a beautiful thing. I almost feel like Zooming some random friends just so I can say ‘Hi’ to their moms.

Sorry, no Mother’s day poems. I will have to fix that for next year.

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