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Ain’t We a Pair: Companion Pieces

I Know God Made Hummingbirds to Fly

I know God made hummingbirds fly But I don’t know why this particular humming bird flitted in about head high and looked me right in the eye And I don’t know why but thought I should try to share his impertinence with you

A Solitary Hummingbird From Nowhere

A solitary hummingbird appeared from nowhere Punched a hole in the theory of an endless sky and stopped my wondering mind dead in its tracks “Behold my singularity,” said she Then camouflaged herself in speed before my smile could morph into hello Leaving me with naught to do But frame her thus and forward her to you

A Sprightly Kitten Called Life

A sprightly kitten called Life spied the golden ball of yarn called We batted and teased and unloosed strands in a flurry of unraveling and then romped off Leaving us to wonder when it would return to finish what it started

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