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Brain Mites

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Brain Mites 

Lightening Bugs brain mites creatures to light to go bump in the night What are they Why are they Why do they come to me Late at night- before my first letting go and early morning too and after long entangled dreams

Like tiny dancers with their tiny voices We know you have doubts, they say to me here is something for you We know you have fears here is something for you We know you you’re seeking solace Sorry, none to give they say to me

Airborne creatures having sport with me? ‘Catch us if you can’ Oh, oh, you missed me Miss me again and I’ll be gone Oh, oh you’re starting to forget’ they say to me

‘If you live long enough If you try hard enough you might capture more than we’re inclined to give’ they say to me

They know I’m bound to chase them They know I might get lucky A quick and stealthy snatch and out pops a poem

Do they fear I want to present them like lightening bugs in a jar Or press them like a bouquet of exhausted flowers or smother them inside a musty book

Do they want me to help them to save them to preserve their tiny identities

I know about the ones I catch and the ones that get away But do either ever come again Are they subject to the pull of my imagination or free as the breeze they seem to float on

I have faith they will come again faith I will capture some But have I lost to many to keep the game alive

Is anybody keeping score

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