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Can We Talk

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

I’m pretty sure you can take a joke, Lord You’ve created enough of them Presidents and kings and such But can you take advice Or, God forbid, criticism

Ok, how about a mild rebuff It’s this blessing thing, Lord I have sincerely thanked you for my many gifts Many times, in many ways So we’re straight, right

But what about all the other people I need to thank The ones who lend a hand, or tease a smile Or touch my face in the shadow of my soul And even though there always seems to be a hook An obligation of some kind People run my universe

I’m talking gratitude here, Lord Who and what am I thankful for And how would my life have been If it weren’t for this one or that one You brought me to these people But they took it upon themselves to make a difference

So what I’m saying, Lord, I would hate to give credit Where it may not be due May not belong to the all knowing, all creating You It’s like I could say to a friend, you enrich my life But is that second hand praise belonging to you

But since you have set in motion the notion of other For your own reasons I’m sure Just as I’m sure you never told me At least not directly…

Oh, good heavens I give up I just want you to know that sometimes it’s hard To squeeze some praise that belongs to you Into a message for a mortal who has truly made my life divine

All I’m saying, Lord

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