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Christmas Blessings Flying at Me

My family, daughter, son-in-law and their amazing children are coming for Christmas. And, my new book of Poetry, Beyond the Waters, will be available on within a fortnight. Here’s a taste:

Where Do Angels Come From

I think it’s great that God resides in all of us but there are times when we need more specificity Like how is God in you the same or different from the God in me And what happens when either of us can’t get through to God because we hurt too much to feel the healing spirit without the help of mortal touch

I think that’s how Angels come to be I know for sure you’ve Angeled me which is why I chose this Angel for my Christmas Tree She may not look at all like you but she portrays the spirit of the perfect little girl who could not help but come from love could not help but bring me comfort could not help but feel my joy and still can’t help herself from watching over me

Going Home

In death as in life I rejoice to be a man going home With no courses to plot No tables of time to be wrought No space to constrict or expand No shore between sea and land I do not fear to walk alone I rejoice to be a man going home

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