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Here to Dance by Dale L. Baker

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

I’m just here to dance

To lap up the lyrics and nuzzle the notes

Of others

To slink in black

To slide my tango shoes

Along slick parquet

To throbbing ochos

My legs returning like magnets

Snapping together side by side

Only to pivot apart again

With each figure eight

I’m here to dance

To tap in red

To stamp my salsa heels

Flash my fleshy bosom

Glistening globes inching

higher and higher

Bouncing in time to beads bobbing

Round my neck

I’m here to dance

I mean dance

Tango, salsa, merengue, bachata

Steps with soul

Words with fire and flavor

Palabras de fuego y sabor

And I’m not sitting down


I have tired




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