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Living a Dream: Some Days Are Diamonds

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Previously (Speaking of the Arizona Senior Olympics Track and Field qualifying meet at Sun Angel Stadium on February 8 2020)

It’s all about personal goals at this point. In ascending order, my goals for this Saturday’s competition are: 1) a couple of medals-maybe a gold;  2) a personal best in either of my races, and 3) the Big Kahuna, meet or exceed All-American Standards in either of my races.

Today: February 17 2020 My partner in crime, Joey Duck and I had agreed that I would write a post about all my glorious, humorous, and hopefully interesting reflections on a very good day at the track. But truthfully, my most poignant memories are of the two people who came to the meet to support me and cheer me on.

But allow me to tally the goals first. Goal no. 1) a couple of medals-maybe a gold. Result: not one but two rather large, flashy Arizona Senior Olympics Gold Medals Goal no. 2) a personal best in either of my races Result: one out of two. Blazed the 50 meters race but ran a bit over in the 100. Goal no. 3) The Big Kahuna, beat the All-American standards for my age group. Miracle of miracles, I actually nailed one in the 50 meters.

But back to the real blessings of the day, my support team. I have already, mentioned the latest in a line of ALTIS coaches and athletes who have encouraged, advised and trained me and my blog partner Dave Doerrer. That would be Tameka Jameson.

Originally, Tameka had planed to be at Sun Angel track to coach me through my competition. But shortly before the meet she informed that she would actually be competing out of town the day of my meet. But, she assured me I would be alright because she had enlisted her sister Takecia to take her place. Tameka assured me I would be in good hands.

When Takecia and I met at the track a few hours before my first race, I got a shock I still haven’t recovered from. There in the flesh (so I thought)  was my coach, accompanied  by Darius (Papa), an engaging, highly energetic and quite athletic four-year old.

But faster than you can say doppelganger, it hit me. “You girls are twins!”

Yep! And the kicker is, both young ladies compete in the 400 meter hurdles. Tameka is an Olympic hopeful competing for a chance to make the Nigerian Olympic team, and Takecia is a former 2007 Junior world 400 meter Champion. Both are currently hurdle coach’s for rival high school track and field teams.

That’s the good news. The bad news, for me-they both have my MO down pat. Which basically means they know how irascible and inconsistent I can be. And neither of them will have any of it (:

Cut to the blessings: It was a gorgeously sunny day at the track, full of the camaraderie only Senior Olympics can provide. And I had my own cheerleader, Darius, who I think has adopted me. I could actually hear his youthful cheers as I sped down the track. ‘Sped’ being a subjective term. All the while I’m thinking, ‘it doesn’t get any better than this’.

Tribute to John Denver

I do love the diamonds but I’ll take the stones Those heavenly slabs of play-doe that hold captive the essence of my soul until I take the hammer of my calling and the chisel of my life force and forge the promise of these gifts

in the name of all that’s good for the sake of all that’s holy

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Peace and Love

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