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Mountain Man Mystery Solved

Having to provide the identity of my last Who is that Runer? post is kind of like having to explain a joke you just bombed with. Granted, my prompt-Identify this hyper-active valley runner/hiker (top left) and win a nano-second of fame-was not a great clue. Which is why I threw in this challenge to sweeten the pot: RFYL will settle for guessing the mountain. Hint, it’s in California and they named a soft drink after it.

I mean, come on, how do you not get Mt. Shasta out of that? 

The answer to the Who is that Runner? challenge is none other than Frank Nightingale, Stockboker Wells Fargo Advisors, age 51. Of all the runners I’ve met over the years, none seemed to have more fun with his sport than Frank. RFYL would like to share some of Frank’s humorous reflections on life and running though a recent interview to be posted on Saturday, October 29.

One last chance to redeem yourself. Atop what Arizona Mountain is Frank standing?

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