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New Poets Wednesday - Once a Treasure - By E. M. Katherine DeLorey

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

My maternal Grandfather passed away long before I was born, leaving behind shelves of books of poetry. Reading words he loved, especially those he had underlined with red pencil, allowed me to hear his voice ~ and find my own.

Once a Treasure

We were once a treasure

mined from deep within our souls;

brought abruptly into the light

which proved too bright for wounds and secrets;

reflecting off jutting angles,

casting prisms everywhere,

drawing jealous, darkened birds

with wings that beat back brilliance

~ but not truth

For we were once true treasure,

fractured, yet made whole.

For life spent only longing for light

dies in darkness~

and what more can be said of our joy and treasure

than 'given'

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