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New Poets Wednesday - I Surrender My White Flag - by Toni Smith

Updated: May 19, 2023

Toni is a graduate creative writing student at Southern New Hampshire University.

This poem was written as an assignment for Prof. Dan Gleason.

I surrender my white flag, Because I have nothing but dread. His mind has two heads. He has caused me so much pain, It’s never ending, or so it seems. Too many times I have cried, For there are no words that are not hurting. He hates me for some reason, “I hate you, you stupid B***h!” Yet, when the melt down is ending, and he gains control, he will turn sweet and say, “I love you, Mommy!” Not a memory of the pain he caused, I love him for he is my flesh and blood. I fear that it will be more hurt than sharing. Too many times, I become his stone wall, not a fist too hurt to stop this pain. It is never enough for him to love me. Yet twenty-four hours of pain that I gave to bring him home. Is now twenty-four hours of honest fear. This could go on for years, for each year of life. Thirteen in all, yet I must surrender my white flag

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