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New Poets Wednesday - The Beach House By Colette Hope Marks

The Beach House, a sestina

Colette Hope Marks is a graduate creative writing student at Southern New Hampshire University.

We chose the beach house to winter

ourselves from summer

and then the raking of leaves

and to keep the marriage far from the rocks.

The road to the ocean has an incessant wind

bringing nausea in waves

We arrive to welcome fresh air and the sound of crashing waves

that'll grow fiercer in winter

responding to the storms and the wind

and calming again next summer

allowing for rest near the rocks

when time comes again for us to take our leaves

We awaken the next morning needing coffee, he leaves.

I sit waiting on the balcony while surfers do waves

near merciless rocks

that the tide would bring them closer to in winter

but it's summer

and they are pushed the other way by a gentle morning wind

And I wonder what it's like, the wind

and the water, to push your arms like leaves

bristling in the breeze of summer

standing on waves

and then crashing like the avalanche we had last winter

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