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The Bard's Contrarian Bar

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Contrarians’ Creed

Welcome to the Bard's Contrarian Bar where things are nearly never what you think they are

Take the seven deadly sins you hear so much about Not nearly as deadly as folks make them out It seems to me what they've come to be are the cornerstones of our society

To wit: The Magnificent Seven

Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Envy, Sloth, and Wrath

Gluttony—less for you, more for me Greed—give me more than I could ever need Lust—gotta get me some (…) or bust Pride—I’m way too big to step aside Envy—reserved for those with more than me Sloth—doing a Zoom chat in my underwear Wrath—piss me off and I will end you

Signs of My Times

Sign on my office door if I ever get an office "No Lying, Cheating, or Price Gouging

Politicians of any ilk need not apply

Gratuities Graciously Accepted"

Sign On My Condo Door if I ever get up the nerve

“Contrarians Welcome all others be wary”


My mind defeats me

with its incessant fixing

and my ego holds its structure

with diamond nano-threads

while my soul, with deference to neither

holds sovereignty over both

Home Sweet Home

The rising sun brings hope; the setting sun brings serenity; the middle sun brings blinding despair

Midwesterner’s Lament

Desert days, bereft of atmosphere

stand stark naked in their azure sameness

as empty as a loveless heart

content to be introduced

by the cooing of a mourning dove

Metal wind chimes clanging quartos

at the behest of a ghostly wind

howling through the corridors

of my salmon colored condo complex

as a cloudless dusk diffuses

the glare of an angry sun

Comes the night, sacred with delight

Featuring the cosmic trickster,

Coyote, Huehuecoyotl

Cousin to Kokopelli

A mystery for the human ear

to discern amongst the yips and barks

of our neighboring bands of canid kinfolk

the lusty rebel songs and deeds

of their immortal ancestors


She felt like a live branch on a fallen tree Her snowy camouflage stripped by the sun Inviting passers-by to snap her off and transform her into switches or swords or missals or kindling Ignorant of her need to remain attached for the birthing of another glorious tree

And Yet

Yes I do believe that dark money runs our world

Democracy has lost its way

War is the world's greatest pastime

Truth has been murdered in its bed

Transparency can get you killed

and genocide is on the rise

Even God almighty has been weaponized

against innocents and non-believers alike

And yet

Love, the only manna worth its name

has yet to weigh in

has yet to be invited to the dance

Our choices

Split the atom, embrace annihilation


Honor the atom smashing energy of love

coursing through trillions of cells

to preserve our human temples

and we might get the message

that love, not might or right, is life itself

Like the man said, Love is all there is

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