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New Poets Wednesday - When Will This Suffering End? - By Rachael Fremling

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Please read and, if so moved, comment on Rachael Fremling's impassioned plea--When Will this Suffering end?

Rachael studies at Post University, located in Waterbury Connecticut. The University offers degrees both on campus and remotely. Rachael submitted this poignant plea for help as a Creative Writing assignment.

When will this suffering end?

Am I really here or is it all just a dream in my head? Every day I wake up to a cruel and unruly world, Only to face the same charades from yesterday. Don’t you see or are you blindly ignoring me? This world is corrupt and falling apart, however, this all began from the start. Watching my friends and loved ones become ill or pass away, While I am stuck here, fine, having a hard time keeping my feelings at bay. Are you even listening or have my words fallen silent on your ears? This violent and corrupt world is only getting worse by time, Corruption, murderers, shootout, thefts, overdoses. I feel this life is not mine and I’m living on borrowed time. When will this suffering end? There is always a storm before the rainbow that one day will come. When the dark, clustered clouds will be lifted and the sun will shine as we need. I hope you are listening because you will soon see, all of this is true, true indeed. When will this suffering end? I believe one day I will wake up to a paradise divine, Filled with beauty, birds, flowers, and butterflies.

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