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  • garrylcox

I hope you enjoy today's New Poet's Wednesday poem - by Teresa Knudson

I can't believe you're 50!

It's gone by in a whirl!

And, though you're a grown woman,

You're still my baby girl!

The moment I first held you

My heart overflowed inside

With a love beyond description

And an overwhelming pride.

In every stage along the way

You've brought me such delight!

Shopping, laughing, traveling, planning,

And talking late at night.

Although you'll always be my child,

You've become my greatest friend.

Our honest, real connection

Is on what I most depend.

Your beauty is unparalleled,

And that's inside and out.

Sharing yourself with others

Is what your life has been about.

Your admirable authenticity,

Your selfless acts of love

Have brought multiple friendships

Others are desirous of.

Although there have been sadnesses

And tears along the way,

You must feel so successful

On this fiftieth birthday!

Your life is full of blessings

And so much cause for joy!

The greatest being mother to

Your remarkable baby boy!

I celebrate you, baby girl!

And here's to fifty more!

Look forward to the future!

There's so much more in store!

I love you to infinity!

You make my mom-heart twirl!

Thank you for the gift you are,

My precious baby girl!

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