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New Poets Poem - Eternal Hope - Written by Colette Marks & John Peter Davis

Eternal Hope

In the deep of fall 

I saw a bluebird take flight

and it was such a beautiful sight.

Blue wings against the golden backdrop 

of rustling leaves

fluttering gracefully 

with barely a sound...

yet inspiring poetic bliss

of rhyme

as it sought against the wind 

to land on the vine.

But the wind proved too strong

and mercilessly 

cast her to the ground 

where she huddled 

amongst the golden fallen leaves

collecting her strength 

for another attempt

at solace on the vine.

But the wind did not die 

and her attempts were in vain

and so she huddled amongst the leaves, 

shivering, coldly wishing

for her soul mate to find her 

and help ease her pain.

She huddled closer to the tree

knowing all of life's answers 

could be found upon her road, 

an old road, 

paved with nature's tradition

where countless bluebirds had sat, 


in the past,

and would again 

for generations to come, 

surviving against all odds,

because that is the way of God 

through Mother Nature...


Written by Colette Marks & John Peter Davis

Copyright 2007

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