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New Poets Wednesday - A Prayer for Clarity - by Ann Harrison

Reading, Writing, editing and crochet

So many things to do day by day

My mind’s in a whirl,

I can’t find my way

Because I’m all over the place!

When I try to write

I get stuck in my story

I ask myself

Does my writing give God the glory

And honor He deserves?

Or am I simply throwing out words

Just to please myself?

When I try to write,

I find a road block in my way.

Is God telling me

To stop and pray

For his wisdom and guidance along the way

To get me back on track?

God, give me the words you want me to write,

Even if I have to be up all night

Because I want my words to shine the light

On You.

Lord give me Clarity,

To take care of my first priority

And fill my heart with purity

To write each word for You.

Lord, declutter my brain

And help me find joy in the simple and plain

Words of love as I end this refrain

To give You honor, glory and Praise

For the rest of my days

To share the joy you’ve given me,

In my writing space.

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