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  • garrylcox

New Poets Wednesday-An American Circle by Casey Williams

Casey says:

"I’ve been trying to wrap my head around recent tragedies plaguing my home state and this poem came to be."

An American Circle

Lower the flag- Half staff- Again.

I can't recall The Last Full mast.

Tragedy after Catastrophe starts To bleed together: End over bloody End.

"Thoughts and prayers"- Once a communal trope, Now an empty gift Colloquially used 'Til the next, "Thoughts and prayers".

I wish this ended here: Resolved. Pleasing to the pallet, But it's a big bitter pill Hard to swallow, And we do- Month to month Year to year Loss to loss.

We've confirmed to a heinous cycle, With word and gestures recycled.

[Read from beginning, until broken.]

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