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New Poets Wednesday - I Put My Thoughts and Feelings In a Box - By Dr. Karla Birkholz

Dr. Karla Birkholz wears many hats; Matriarch, Wellness Doctor, singer, dancer and now a poet.

I Put My Thoughts and Feelings In a Box.

I put my thoughts and feelings in a box. A box created years of unspoken agreements, assumptions, choices of safety. Someone else has arisen in his place. Someone hiding behind habits of haziness, kindness, mundane expectations. Who now feels the threat of loss? And comes roaring out to claim his potency, his vision so nearly dismissed. His words unleashed come pouring to me, unstopped for now. What is there to lose? With loss so near. Can a friendship forged of placid comfort, deep appreciation Survive this fire? Can this honesty persist in day to day realities? So much to lose. So much to never know? Do predetermined expectations protect us, or confine us? I am suspended between the old and new knowing Of this man. Not wanting the pain of losing either.

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