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New Poets Wednesday: Kathryn Wood

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Kathryn Sharp Wood was raised near The Rivers of Appanoose County. After retirement she found she enjoyed playing with words that rhyme. Her poem “In the Mourning” was written after her husband passed, and in working through times of grief, she remembered the “lighter” times of love. She always planned to tell him “thank you” in the morning.

In the Mourning

The roads were icy, and I was afraid to drive; He said, “I’ll take you.” I was relieved but forgot to tell him so. I’ll thank him in the morning.

He took me shopping and in the drugstore aisle pinched my bottom. I secretly liked it but wouldn’t let him know. I’ll tell him in the morning.

I didn’t want dinner but wanted popcorn instead. He said, “I’ll pop it, but you don’t need the butter.” He added it though. I’ll thank him in the morning.

My back ached with spasms, and he rubbed it for hours. His touch brought relief. His face conveyed worry which he tried not to show. I’ll thank him in the morning.

Now I miss him when waking and all through the day. The nights are so long. I loved him so much but how could he know? I’ll tell him in the morning.

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