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New Poets Wednesday - I'm Scared, Can't You See? - By Rachael Fremling

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Please read and, if so moved, comment on Rachael Fremling's impassioned plea

Rachael studies at Post University, located in Waterbury Connecticut. The University offers degrees both on campus and remotely. Rachael submitted this poignant plea for help as a Creative Writing assignment.

I’m scared. Can’t you see?

Why are you just looking at me?

Are you going to just sit there. Or help me?

Please, Please come save me!

The punches and smashing against the walls,

My crying out and all those calls,

Nobody could hear me or come at all!

I am scared, scared! Can’t you see?

I am trapped in this maze of hell,

Wandering around aimlessly.

Constantly seeking for the exit to leave.

Please, Please come save me!

All the bruising and broken bones,

Please I am begging, don’t leave me alone!

Urgent Cares and Hospital for me,

I am scared, scared! Can’t you see?

The blood runs down my cheek and is everywhere

And I am just trying to find a place to hide anywhere.

When I heard a knock on the door I started yelling,

I am scared, scared!! Can’t you see!

Please, Please come save me!

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