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New Poets Wednesday - Sometimes - by Bobby Havens

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Bobby Havens is a writer in his own right, venturing into poetry for the first time.

Bobby Havens is a retired elocutionist, meaning he’s been professionally trained to tell a riveting story. He’s a published writer of short inspirational tales, a motivational speaker, a contracted trainer, a life coach, a spiritual orator, a sports announcer and a thespian.

Bobby is also a terrific actor, currently appearing in the Christmas Classic It's a Wonderful Life at the Don Bluth Front Row Theatre. It's a Wonderful Life opens 11/19/2021.

Come and see Bobby (and myself) in It's a Wonderful Life.

You can also see Bobby's poem on Facebook under Garry Cox, Poet.

Sometimes A poem by Bobby Havens

Sometimes you think life couldn’t get any better… Then, for no reason, it does.

Sometimes you think life couldn’t get any worse… Then, suddenly, you realize you were wrong.

Sometimes you think life is just that, life… But then you get a taste of Heaven.

“Sometimes” is just a place we live… sometimes.

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