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New Poets Wednesday - One Day - By Bobby Havens

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

One day I saw him for the very first time, as he drew his first breath. And I said his name, “Hello, Daniel Scott Havens. Welcome.” He cried. I cried too.

Then one day I saw him take his very first step. And I said his name, “Danny. Come to daddy, Danny. Come.” He did, laughing along the way. He fell into my arms. We celebrated.

Then one day I saw him ride his bike, with no training wheels. And I said his name, “Dan, you’re the man! You’re Dan, the Man.” His chest puffed out and he held his head high. Because he was Dan, the Man.

Then one day I saw him in his very first car, behind the wheel. Smiling from ear to ear. And I said his name, “DTM! Look at you! Just, look at you!” And he did. He liked what he saw. He was proud of his hard work.

Then one day I saw him with his true love. And I said his name, “Mr. Havens? Mister Havens! You in love?” He winked at me, put his arm around her and grinned. Then, off they went. To be alone.

Then one day I saw him hold his baby girl. With such tender love. And I said his name, “Hey Daddy! You done good. She’s beautiful!” He beamed. Every emotion oozing out of him. He felt what I felt, all along.

Then one day. And that day came way too soon. I saw him no more. And I said his name, “Danny.” I said it again, “Danny?” I heard God whisper, “Danny is with me. He’s safe.” And he was. He is. Forevermore.

One of these days I will see him again. And I will say his name, “Daniel, Danny, DTM, Mr. Havens.” And he will hear. We will embrace. For eternity. One very sweet day.

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