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The New Jerusalem by Richard Dennis

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Richard started writing poems and songs after taking a creative writing class in high school.

He said, the more he listened to his favorite bands' lyrics, the more he enjoyed writing.

He started making wall plaques with his poems on them and said this was gratifying, seeing they were gifts to family and friends.

I hope you enjoy the poem...

The New Jerusalem - Rev 21 & 22

To those of you who are hurting And discouraged, hear this rhyme I know it will be comforting Looking forward to this time.

His mighty voice will thunder as the Heavens open wide, There will stand the bridegroom To claim His virgin bride.

Our greatest guest of honor Wearing a seamless robe on high, This marriage supper of the Lamb In a twinkling of an eye.

We will humbly bow before Him His Presence right on cue, He will take away the tears and pain Death and sadness too.

His voice we will hear From the throne of God I have made things brand new You can trust these words For they are very true.

I am the Alpha and Omega The beginning and the last, To bring you to the city of gold Pure and clear as glass.

The walls are made of jasper And every kind of jewel, A single pearl for each gate Made by God who rules.

Its pearl gates will never close And there will be no night, For the glory of God will always shine And He will be our light.

The curse is forever over Gone without a trace, And we "our Father's servants" Will bow before His face.

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